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How to start poultry farming in 2022. Murgi Farm.

Poultry farming is such a business that with the help of less capital and limited resources, people are earning lakhs today on the basis of just a little awareness. Today, you can definitely make a living with traditional farming, but for economic prosperity, all the components of agriculture will be included only then it is possible. Now, along with farming, other components like bee keeping, dairy farm and poultry farm enterprise are being included. Which farmers are increasing their income. With the help of less capital from this business, lakhs of rupees can be earned as well as employment is also created. To do poultry farming business, many things have to be kept in mind. which has been described in detail.

Business Plan for Poultry Farming:

If poultry is done in a planned manner, more product can be produced in less cost. To run any type of business successfully, it is first planned. In which compare your expenses and earnings closely regarding the place to start the business, money, and equipment used in the business, arrangement of thatch, registration, chicken food, loan in case of shortage of money etc. At the same time, determine the production capacity of your Poultry Farm. And the market evaluation of your product should also be done.

 Capital Arrangement for Poultry Farming

 When you had planned for this business, then you must have come to know how much it can cost to start the farm. It depends on the breed of chicken you use and the number to start with. In the beginning, starting from a small level, it should be increased gradually.  

Poultry Farming Subsidy  

For this, many types of partially grant schemes are run by the Central and State Governments. 30 to 40 percent subsidy is given by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD). Along with this, from time to time training programs are run for the interested people, where by taking training, the poultry farm can be started. Loan can be taken by contacting any bank for loan.

At the time of taking loan, whatever type of poultry farm you want to open, you have to tell through your Project Formulation. 

Land Selection for Poultry Farming 

is the most important and costly part of poultry farming. Poultry farm requires a clean and long space in which that thatch can be installed. The land should be at such a place where our customers can reach well and, there should be facility of commuting and clean water. And try to be a little away from the main city. It is good if you are near. Otherwise you will have to arrange transportation.

 Management of thatch and equipment

, now it should be managed by purchasing thatch and equipment 

. According to the number of chicks, the enclosure should be free from air and dampness etc. To maintain a stable environment in the enclosure, the height, length and width of the roof should be in proper proportion. By making the wall of the enclosure one to two feet high from the surface, putting iron nets up to the ceiling is better for light and air in the enclosure, and also protects against predatory animals like dog, cat, mongoose etc.

Registration for

poultry farm will have to be done through MSME, for which first go to the official website of registration . After that you have to fill all the necessary information with your Aadhaar number, such as name, address, bank details, company name etc. After filling the form submit it. Now when your MSME certificate is generated, your mail will also be sent. 

 Bird selection for Poultry Farming

The selection of chickens means whether you want to produce eggs or meat. Broiler chickens have to be selected to produce meat. And layer chicken is reared for egg production.  

If you want, you can keep both types of poultry. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, which should be known. 

Poultry food arrangement  

  •  0-10 days Pre-starter 
  • 11-21 days Starter
  •  above 22 days Finisar 

Advantages of

  • Poultry Farming – Employment is created by poultry farming.
  • Can be done simultaneously with farming.
  • The beet from the poultry farm is used as manure. Due to this manure, there is good yield of various crops. Because it contains two to two and a half times more nutrients than other compost manure. Poultry farm operators are reducing the consumption of chemical fertilizers by using chicken beet manure in their own fields. Due to which the health of the soil is improving. They are also earning income by selling the remaining beets to other farmers.


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