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Bee Farming Business Full information

Bee is the best friend of farmers, according to scientific research, 77% of pollination is done by bees, the income that comes from crop growth, 20 times that of honey and wax. Happens more. Beekeeping is such a business that mixes sweetness in the lives of others along with the spinach.  Employment is also created in rearing, for example, carpentry for boxes, blacksmiths get opportunities. Hence it has taken the form of a cottage enterprise.

The biggest condition for starting this business is that it should have good information

which can be obtained from any Krishi Vigyan Kendra. Beekeeping is no less than a boon for the landless farmer and marginal farmer

, bees feed on the juice of flowers. They turn into honey and store them in their hives. Honey and beeswax are economically important as beekeeping products. More profit can be earned in this business by investing less cost and less capital. The bee never sleeps in her whole life, she goes far and wide for honey. She is very hardworking. There are 50 boxes in a unit, from which about 2 lakh rupees can be earned in a year.

Beekeeping is such a business, in which neither farm is required and a person with less capital can also do business. At the same time, women, men and elders can also work together.

Beekeeping is a business that mixes sweetness in the lives of others along with the foster. Due to the increasing demand for honey, the lives of many people have been closed in the wooden box. The best thing about this business is that the cost is low and the profit is high, as well as women or men or elders can also understand this as a part of the cottage industry.about

this business is that there is no competition of farmers in this because all the farmers work together in this, the demand is high, the production is low,

farmers can do beekeeping along with crop production and earn extra profits. It also increases the yield of the crop, the youth of the country should do the business of beekeeping to be self-reliant, it is a cheap and simple solution, while the profits are manifold

. Together, farmers can increase their income.

Beekeeping requires knowledge, commitment and practice. It’s hard to be successful in this business if you don’t have it.

Beneficial products of beekeeping

  • Honey
  • (Bee Pollen)
  • Wax (Bee Wax)
  • Lap or Propolis
  • Bees Venom (Bee Venom)
  • Royal Jelly


 Vitamins, minerals are available in abundance from honey prepared by bees, which gives agility and strength in the body. Which creates the ability in the body to prevent other diseases.

Extraction of honey from bees: 

First of all, choose the hive from which to extract honey in good weather.

Then in the evening, take out honey so that the bee does not disturb.

Now remove the hives from which honey is to be extracted by going to a safe place such as a mosquito net.

Now separate the wax on the hives with the help of a shaving knife.

Now the separated hives should be put in the honey dispenser and rotated so that the honey comes out.

Now keep the tank in which the honey is lying till the dirt settles.

Now filter it with a cloth.

Bees Bee Venom: 

venom is the venom of the bee, which is used to cure many diseases. Like in making medicine for joint pain, it is used in making medicine for arthritis. It sells for a very high price. If there is a bees poison of good quality, then the cost of 1 kg is about 70 lakh rupees.

Bees poison is obtained only with the help of a machine, whose cost of one machine is about 12 thousand rupees.First

Method of obtaining a bees venom –

  1. put the machine in front of the bee box.
  2. Now the bees can pass through the top of the machine to their box, and the bee is generally a polite social insect that does not attack anyone unless it is disturbed by them. Therefore, this machine applies a light current of 9 watts to the flies, due to which the flies get angry, then stings on that machine, due to which their venom comes out on the glass placed on it.
  3. Now after closing this machine after forty minutes, wipe the bees poison on it with the help of a sharp knife and keep it in a vial.
  4. After that keep it defrosted.
  5. This process can be done only twice in a month.

The use of bee venom is used

  • pain,
  • rheumatism
  • skin diseases
  • paralysis
  • to


jelly, royal jelly is also a product made by bees. Also known as bee’s milk.

Bee Pollen

Bees collect pollen from flowers by traveling far and wide. Pollen grains can be collected by placing a pollen net at the door of the bee, so that the collected pollen can be kept in a box by scientific method.when natural pollen is not available due to K deficiency 

. And it is a source of protein and carbohydrates. The pollen is known as the pollen grain. Pollen has a sweet taste, dry pollen can be used to feed bees. Bees pack pollen in their hind legs and carry it to the hive, up to 2-5 kg ​​of pollen can be obtained from one bee colony.

Pollen is used

  • as an antioxidant by pollen,
  • to relieve inflammation, to
  • reduce stress, 
  • pollen is the main food of bees. Without it, their lineage cannot run.
  • The immunity of bees is highly dependent on the availability of proteins.


The lap of the bee is known as Propolis. It can take out one kg of lap from a box, which costs around 1200 rupees in the market.

Bee Wax Wax 

is a highly useful product produced from the lower abdomen of a bee. A large part of the wax is used in the manufacture of honeycombs. Its value is more than that of honey. It is prepared by Kameri bee.

The use of wax is used in

  • making candles,
  • cosmetics
  • leather industry
  • , in the manufacture of art works, in
  • the use of exquisite polish of furniture,

the method of extracting wax from bees-

  1. Boil the honeycomb in hot water.
  2. Now the wax will float on the top surface of the water.
  3. Now filter it and cool it and your wax will be ready.

The four major species of bees are

small bee or coral (Apis florii),

hill or multicolored bee (Apis dorsata),

Indian bee (Apis syrana indica)

Italian bee (Apis mellifera)

Benefits of

beekeeping The benefits of bees are very high, so its honey should be Compared to nectar. Lists some of the main benefits.

  1. The production of pollen increases the income of bees spinach.
  2. Products like pure honey, wax, gum, bees venom, pollen, royal jelly are obtained from beekeeping, which have a lot of demand in the market.
  3. candles,
  4. cosmetics
  5. leather industry
  6. The manufacture of art works
  7. consists in the use of exquisite polishes of furniture,
  8. honey, in cough, asthma.
  9. Honey acts as an antioxidant.
  10. Used as an antioxidant by pollen,
  11. to relieve inflammation, to
  12. reduce stress, 
  13. pollen is the main food of bees. Without it, their lineage cannot run.
  14. The immunity of bees is highly dependent on the availability of proteins.

The use of bee venom is used

  1. pain,
  2. arthritis
  3. skin disease
  4. paralysis
  5. ,
  7. honey contains vitamins potassium, sulphur, calcium, glucose, phosphate, zinc and iron.
  8. Without additional manure, seeds, irrigation and keeping the offspring of bees on the fields and bunds of crops, the process of pollination of female bees increases the yield of crops, vegetables and fruits by one and a half times.
  • It is a blood purifier. 
  • It is beneficial for ulcers of the eyes, throat and tongue. 
  • Provides strength to the body.
  •  Humans become healthy and fit by consuming bee products. 
  • It is used to improve eyesight.
  • Regular consumption of honey cures tuberculosis or tuberculosis, asthma, other respiratory diseases.
  • Constipation, anemia, blood pressure disease does not occur.
  • Regular consumption of royal jelly does not prevent tumors.

As soon as this is achieved, along with this, the production capacity of crops also increases, by adopting this business, small and marginal farmers can increase their level of wealth, when flowers are available in abundance, at that time the bees work together. Because of which they are called social insects.

Beekeeping requires less time, less cost and less capital investment, honey and bee wax can be produced even from low yielding farms, beekeeping also has a negative

 impact on the environment. has a positive effect. Bees play an important role in the pollination of many flowering plants. 

  Bee family: 

a queen bee in a bee family, several thousand commissary bees, hundreds of male

bees, each member of the bee family has its own distinct function

 Queen bee:

 each family has a queen bee, which is the size compared to other bees. The longest is almost double the queen bee is a fully developed female and the mother (mother) of the whole family as long as it lives, does the work of laying eggs, in a favorable environment and abundance of flowers, queen of Melifara species up to 1500 -2000 Lays eggs daily. And Sirana indica fly lays 800-1000 eggs.

The queen mates only once in her life time, the age of the queen is 2 to 3 years, the younger the queen bee, the higher her ability to lay eggs.

 Kameri bees (workers) 

These bees are infertile females, their number is up to 99%, Kameri bees do all the work of the family 

such as making waxy honeycombs, locating the silence around and water source, collecting pollen that honey nectar, Taking care of children, protecting the family from enemies, the work of bees is divided on the basis of age, their life span is about 2 to 3 months.

Male bees 

About 1% of male bees are found in the family, their number ranges from 100 to 300 Male bees are unable to do any work Male bees are born from the lifeless eggs of the queen bee A young in 8 to 10 days They are also able to mate with the queen bee, they are thick in size, their back is black in color, their age is about 60 days.

 Materials needed for beekeeping –

  •  Bees box, 
  • shavings, knife, 
  • cell guard
  • queen 
  • gloves, 
  • honey removal device, 
  • stand, 
  • food vessel, 
  • smoker and brush. , 
  • Rani Rok Patt, 
  • Highway Tool (Khurpi), 
  • Rani Rok Door, 
  • Niqab, 

Bee Box The points to be kept in mind while buying the

bee box should be made of a deodorized wood. In which a healthy queen lives. and the box should contain sufficient quantity of food for the bees offspring, pollen or nectar


 , larva or caterpillar, pupa, and adult stage 

two types of eggThere are those who are living, the other non-living. From living eggs, queen and room bees are born and from non-living eggs, male bees are born, they are fed royal jelly for 3 days, after which the food of queen room and male bees is separated, the 

queen infant receives honey and pollen.mixture and the male baby is fed Dawn jelly.

 Bees are very sensitive insects with changing seasons. Their boxes are taken care

Importance of pollination 

According to scientific research, 77% of pollination is done by bees. 12% of other insects are done by insects, and 11% of pollination activities are done by water, wind and birds

. In insects, bees are the main pollinators. Yields by bees. The money received from the increase in the number of years can be about 20 times more than the amount of honey or wax given by them. A bee has to visit about 32000 flowers to collect one pound of honey. And they visit up to 100 flowers at a time.

Care of the Bees Family:

Bees are very weather-sensitive social insects, so they must be given special attention in different seasons to avoid damage to our Bees family.

How to take care of a bee in the cold In

the cold season, our temperature becomes very low, which is very harmful for the bees offspring. Therefore, in order to protect it from this, inside the box of our bees lineage, with the help of sack or sackcloth, the lid should be closed by making two folds. If possible, except the hole in the box, pack the entire box from outside with polythene. And the bees should be kept in such a place where there is sunlight.

In the summer 

season, our temperature reaches about 40 degree centigrade during the summer season, which makes it difficult to raise our bees. To diagnose this problem, keep the box in such a place where there is a system of shade and clean clean water.

And the box should be painted with white paint. Wherever appropriate, keep on transferring the bees lineage. At this time, there is also a shortage of natural food for the bees offspring, due to which artificial food should be arranged. And to prevent mite pest, formic acid 5ml should be given.

How to take care of bees in rainy season

season is the most opposite season for the Mau dynasty. Because at this time there is a lack of natural food all around. So that artificial feeding should be arranged. At this time there is a lot of outbreak of strong rain and autumn wind, ants and waxy moths. To protect it, artificial food is given. For that, after dissolving 400 grams of sugar with one kg of water, making sugar syrup, after cooling it, put super on them in boxes of bees descent. According to the number of bees lineage, take it out in a vessel after 6 pm and as soon as it is morning. Otherwise Robin’s problem will arise. The thing to keep in mind is to give only as much quantity as they can take overnight. Artificial food should not be given outside, otherwise there will be a fight between each other and our bees lineage will suffer. To protect from insects and ants at the time of rain, keep a bowl of water in the stand of the box. Due to which the chit could not enter.

How to divide and join bee families:

When the number of bees becomes very large, when it is from 90000 to 100000 in the box, when the environment is favorable for the bees, their numbers increase very rapidly. Then divide them in another box, if you do not do this then some flies run away.

And do this only when there is a very proper arrangement for their food and drink, that is, the season of flowers is in abundance. 

To do the division, first keep the second empty box near the family. After that, keep the queen frame in a separate new box, along with the honey and pollen frame. And the one that has been brooded 50 percent from the original family, keep it in the same old box, and the Kameri flies will become queen after 16 days, keeping both the boxes close by about 1 foot apart.

To add, when the bee’s family is without queen, and is weak, then in such condition it should be added to another family.

How to transfer bee family: 

About 4-5 cleaning should be done in a year. Due to which they do not feel sick. In cleanliness, it should be noted that 

while transferring the bees family from one place to another, keep the following in mind so that there is no harm to our bees lineage in any way. 

  1. Make sure to first check the place wherever the bee is relocating.
  2. time, While transferring it should be noted that it is very important to have clean water there, and at the same time  keep sprinkling water on the boxes during the journey. 


sources for bees: There are two types of food sources for bees,

natural sources

natural sources: 

Onion, Bhindi, Bazar, Sunai, Soyabean, Arhar, Mung, Paddy, Tomato, Barbati, Kachnar, Ber, Ramtil, Coriander Mustard, gram, peas, rajma, rosewood, zucchini, safflower, pomegranate, guava, jackfruit, eucalyptus, gooseberry, lemon, fenugreek, wild jalebi, linseed, berseem, neem, sesame, tamarind, pumpkin, watermelon, bitter gourd, loci , Maize, Sunflower, Karanj, Arjun, Melon, Cucumber, Papaya, Jowar, Acacia, Kachnar, Guava, Shahjan, Rai, etc.

Artificial food for the bees lineage

When there is a lack of pollen and nectar naturally, then artificial food has to be arranged for the growth of the bees lineage. So that our bees lineage should not be weakened. For this, 50 percent sugar syrup is made and food containing pollen is given to meet the shortage of pollen. Soyabean flour 25 percent, milk powder 15 percent and baking powder 10 percent, sugar, 40 percent and honey 10 percent should be kneaded together and after that it should be given.

Diseases of bees and their enemies

– protection of bees from insecticides

Farmers spray many types of insecticides to protect their crops from pests For the prevention of enemy pests, if there can be any other way except chemicals, then another control should be used for pest control.

The box can be closed for one to two in winter season but care should be taken to close the coffee in summer season.

Because bees are highly susceptible to disease.  

 This is essential for the successful venture of bees. That there should be complete information about all the diseases that occur in them. So that big loss can be avoided. 

 American Foulbrood: This is also an infectious disease caused by a bacterium Bacillus larvi. Which is similar to European foulwood, this disease appears even before the brackets are closed, which if the brackets do not close, even if they are closed, holes can be seen in their lids. A dead larva can also be seen inside it. Due to which the smell of rotten fish comes, their attack occurs in summer or after. 

Prevention :

 disease: It is caused by a protozoa Nosema apis. This disease disturbs the identification system of bees.

 Prevention :

 European Foulbrood: It is an infectious disease caused by a bacterium Melisococcus plutans. Its color is dark and adult fly does not emerge from them.

 Prevention: Affected offspring should be separated from the honey garden, frame and other material of affected offspring should not be allowed to come into contact with any other healthy lineage. The affected Maun dynasty should be made queenless.


This disease is found in abundance in Indian bees species. It is a viral disease that spreads through infection. 

Prevention: Once this disease is infected, its prevention becomes very difficult. There is no effective remedy for this, in case of infection, the affected offspring should be removed from the honey garden. 

 Acarine: This is a very small eight-legged creature that harms bees in many ways. In this disease, worker bees gather outside the bees house. Their wings become weak due to which they are unable to fly or they fall while flying. 

 Prevention: Spraying of 5 gm powder of Sulfur per seed should be done at an interval of one week. One ml of formic acid Putting the quantity in a small plastic vial and making a fine hole in its lid, 

waxy moth in each bees house: This moth is a great enemy of the bee lineage, it eats the wax of the roof by making an irregular shaped tunnel, the hive is hollow inside. it happens. by which the bees leave the hive and run away 



 Their outbreak is more in summer and year-round, to prevent them, fill water in the bowls of the stand and add a few drops of kerosene oil to it. So that the ants can be saved from climbing the bees houses. Should be kept Also, the availability of food in the bees house should be ensured.

 Tropyleops clari: This mite is mainly parasitic of the wild bee or the multicolored moose. It also occurs in Italian species. 

Prevention: It is prevented in the same way as accarine disease.

 Varoa mite: First this mite came to light only in Indian silence but now it is also seen in mellifera.

 Control: 5 ml of formic acid. It is controlled by applying it in the trial daily. Other measures should be taken in the same way as Ikermite.


Government for

subsidywill help you. Today, farmers are getting a good profit by doing a mix of animal husbandry along with farming. Animal husbandry is such an enterprise which is easy to do along with farming and there is no possibility of loss. Therefore, it is important for the farmer to do animal husbandry for good profits by doing farming along with it. For which various types of grants-in-aid are received from time to time by the government. The Horticulture Department gives up to 85 percent subsidy on beekeeping. Anyone can take this grant. First of all he should visit the website of Horticulture Department. After that he has to deposit his share of money. After that he gets the box and the bees to start the beekeeping.

In Uttar Pradesh, 1 unit of beekeeping contains 50 boxes and it costs the beekeeper up to Rs 2.30 lakh. And a grant of up to Rs 88 thousand is given by the Horticulture Department.

More information to start your business www.kviconline.gov.in can be obtained by visiting

Where to get a small readymade box of

beekeeping Importance

beekeeping Beekeeping contact number

180030000084 Method 

of beekeeping

There are about 4 thousand to 8 thousand bees in a box. It has a total of three types of bees, the queen bee whose job is only to lay eggs, the worker female bee which eats and rears the eggs. There is also a male fly whose job is only to increase reproduction.

Application for

beekeeping Beekeeping Registration 2022 The farmer who is interested in beekeeping will be registered on the website of the Horticulture Department, for which the farmer’s own Aadhar card, Khatauni, bank passbook, mobile number with a photo will be required. . 

Beekeeping Training Center

Which are the institutions of beekeeping?  

The farmer should first start by taking training from any institution. If you want to be successful in your enterprise, then you can take training from any agriculture department or agricultural university. By taking training, the farmer can benefit from getting the right box and good quality bee. After that the farmer should gain experience by working with a local honey beekeeper.

Bee Box Price

According to agricultural entomologists, a box for beekeeping costs about 3 hajar. And one box can earn up to 6 thousand rupees in a year. 

To start the business of bee for the first time, the farmer should do it with 10 boxes. In which the farmer can spend up to 40 thousand rupees. And up to 2 quintals of honey can be found in a year.


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