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Goat farming business

Goat farming is such a business with the help of which the farmer can earn his good income at low cost. Goat’s milk proves beneficial in many diseases. The way the number of goats has increased in India, and goats have a share of about 3 percent in the production of milk, and meat production is also being done from goats. And a lot of leather is being used from its skins. And the use of which is its hair is being used in the form of many blankets and woolen clothes. Goat eats any kind of feed easily. Eats any kind of grass. After eating a little food, it rapidly converts into its product. Due to the small size of the goat, a lot of labor and labor is not required. We also use the women of our house and those who are other animals, the chances of getting diseases are very high, but the goat is very hardy and does not get sick easily. They do not need to build a special type of shed. You can earn more and more by making a low cost shed and rearing goats at a low cost.

Goat farming is a good earning business at low cost. Goat rearing is being done especially in these barren, inaccessible hilly, desert areas. This business can be done from a small place. Goat rearing can be done mainly for milk and meat. Goat farming does not require any special type of diet, nor does it require any special type of large habitat or special climate. 

The father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi called goat the cow of the poor.

Breeds of 

Goats There are a total of 24 breeds of goats in India, which were developed by our ancestors in different states in different regions according to the environment and conditions here. The area where the goat belongs, should pay attention to the goat of the same breed, as if a goat is from eastern India, then the Black Bengal breed was found in eastern India, the farmers of that breed should pay attention to the goat of the same breed. Let’s talk about North India or Uttar Pradesh, the goat of Barbari breed is excellent

  1. Black Bengal –  goats of this breed are especially found in West Bengal, Jharkhand, Assam, North Odisha.
  2. Beetle Goat –  The goats of this breed are in Mehsana, Jhakhrana, Malavari. 
  3. Barbari Goat- Barbari  in every state in every place in our India, they are very hardy and can withstand in every situation. In every season she molds herself accordingly. Its weight is up to 30 kg, it is up to 30 kg.

The specialty of barberry

  • is white in
  • color, it has brown spots,
  • its ears are small and erect.
  1.  Sirohi – is known by many names, it is mainly from Rajasthan, it is also called Parrot Pari because these goats are from Rajasthan, so they have the ability to tolerate all kinds of heat and all kinds of cold and also their immunity. It happens very well. The weight of these goats is also very good, it is about 35 to 40 kg. Therefore, Sirohi are mostly reared for meat and for milk.
  1. Jamunapari Goat-  This type of goat is found in the place surrounded by Ganga, Yamuna or other rivers. It is taller and taller than other breeds of goat. And its average weight is up to 50 kg. 

Proper place for goat rearing-

The selection of the place for goat rearing should not be done so far that where there is a fear of wild animals. And you can reach easily, be at a slight height. East and west direction is best for goat breeding. Because in this direction the sunlight also comes very well. And the wind does not come in such a way that it can cause damage.  

About one to one and a half acres of land is required for rearing 50 to 100 improved goats, in which goats’ houses will also be built, straw story will be built, grain store will be built and goats will also be built.

One and a half to two square meters of space is required for the house of a goat. So that it can roam around. That much closed housing is needed and twice the open housing is needed. The same number of goats should be kept in the shed as easily as they can come. There should also be a provision for clean water. 

Goat Disease Prevention and Vaccination

Animals are prone to many types of diseases, in which brucellosis disease is prominent. 

In goats, mainly diseases of mouth-pimples, stomach worms occur. These diseases usually occur during the rainy season. Due to which these diseases have to be kept with special care in the rainy season.

  • Mouth-pimple-  This disease is caused by a virus. These diseases can occur at any time in cow or buffalo and goat. It should be estimated that how much is the economy loss due to this in India. It has been found in the study that about 20 thousand crore rupees. When this disease occurs in animals, there are two hoofed animals (under which there are cows, buffaloes, sheep, goats), mainly under this.


  • This disease causes high fever, 
  • saliva will drop from 
  •  the mouth, big blisters appear in the mouth, due to which the animal is not able to eat properly, due to which the animal becomes weak.
  •  There are big blisters inside the tongue, the tongue comes in a state of complete dissolution. 
  • Along with this, there are symptoms in the hoof as well. The hoof starts leaving its place and insects fall inside it.
  •  Due to this, the milk production capacity of the animal is greatly affected. Milk comes from 10 liters to 1 liter.
  • Due to this the animal starts drying up.
  • Small grains appear on the animal’s mouth, above the gum, inside the lips and between the hoofs. These grains join together to form a big blister. When the blister bursts, there is a big wound there, the animal stops chewing. And stop eating and drinking. They become lethargic.

Prevention-  It is very important to get immunization done at the right time for its prevention. Keep sick animals away from healthy animals. Separate their food and water also. Keep the animal tied up and do not allow it to roam. Keep the animals tied in a dry place and away from mud, wet soil. Laundry soda and lime should be sprayed where the saliva of sick animal falls. In case of this disease, see the nearest doctor as soon as possible. 

Brucellosis disease- 

  Brucellosis disease is an infectious disease spread in cow, buffalo, sheep, goat, pig. Abortion takes place mainly in it. This disease causes abortion in animals at 6-9 months. It is a very contagious disease that spreads from one animal to another. In this also the animal has high fever, it is a zoonotic disease, so it can spread from animals to humans as well. For this, whatever abortion takes place inside the animal, it has to be done with great care by putting salt and lime on the child with absolutely no glue. 

Prevention of 

  • Brucellosis should be done by vaccination.
  • This hinge needs to be installed only in female animals. It is applied in both calf or kadi.
  • At the age of 6-8 months, get the vaccine for Brucellosis. It works for a lifetime once the hinges are installed.

FMD-  It should be fixed before the rainy season and in the month of December. Hinges are done twice a year and it is absolutely free. This is a very deadly and dangerous disease. 

Benefits of 

  • goat farming
  • Keeping goats healthy and healthy is very important for good profit from goat.
  • Goat is the cow of the poor, they are reared by small and marginal farmers to increase their income. The best thing about goat farming is that the animal owner has to spend less in this and by doing less, good profits can be earned from it. The most important thing to start this business is to take training. The farmer can start goat farming by taking training from Krishi Vigyan Kendra of his area.
  • Goat gives two children in 1 year, one to two children are of an animal. Which is so important to us that small farmers get milk as well, their skins are also sold, their meat is also sold, every single thing of them is sold. Their maintenance is very easy, there should be such a place to keep them which is maximum dry and not wet.
  • There is little profit in one year but as soon as it starts to double in the second year. Gives children twice in a span of 14 months. And once the child is there, she gives up to three children. From the second year, the profit increases by about two and a half times.  


promote animal husbandry, many beneficial schemes are run by the government, which farmers can take advantage of and do the business of animal husbandryAnd you can also take loan from NABARD as financial assistance for your business.

Precautions or things to pay attention to goat rearing,

  • mainly in goats, there are diseases of mouth-pimples, stomach worms. These diseases usually occur during the rainy season. Due to which these diseases have to be kept with special care in the rainy season.
  • Goats are at risk from predatory animals, so they should be kept away from them.
  • Give intra-parasite killer to the newborn goat regularly Get the
  • lambs vaccinated with PPR, 
  • to protect the milch animals from muzzle disease, take out their milk with full fist.

should pay special attention to some points

  • Advanced Goat Management
  • Advanced Breeding Management
  • Advanced Nutritional Management
  • Advanced Health Management
  • Advanced Smart Marketing

rearersprofits can be earned.

Selection of improved breed breeder goats The

following attention should be paid

  • that we are choosing breeder goat, it should be of pure breed ie its parents should also be pure breed.
  • The growth potential of the goat should be fast, there should
  • also be enough milk under its mother.
  • This type of goat should be selected in 10 to 12 months.
  • After that it should be seen whether it is able to conceive the goats or not.
  • Those who are large sized goats should be used for pregnancy only till the age of the goat is 2 years, like (Jamunapari, Surohi, Jhakra etc.) Then it should be started to be used for conception.
  • Conceive only two or three goats in a day from one goat, if you get more goats pregnant in a day, then their chances of conceiving will be less.
  • The major diseases that spread from goat to goat at the time of breeding, due to which goats are aborted, is brucellosis.
  • Brucellosis  disease, get your breeder goat’s blood tested every year by taking goat’s blood. Because if a goat is found to be suffering from Brucellosis disease, then it should not be used for breeding.
  • A rabbit from a goat should be used only for one to one and a half years. Because the girls that are born from this become young again, we have to keep in mind that for the protection of inter-breeding, the mother and the girl child should not breed from this goat. And it is also to be kept in mind that the male child that is born to him should not be used in that flock.
  •  Every one to one and a half years, his breeder should change the goat.

, Method of construction of shed in improved goat rearing-

  • It should be kept in mind that the male and female should be kept separately after three months. 
  • Goats which are 3-6 months old or 6-12 months old or more months are again kept separately.
  • The goat which is from the womb or which is about to give milk is also kept separately again.
  • When the goat is 10 months and its weight is more than 18 kg, then get them pregnant.

Improved food for goats –

  • No more than 10-15 percent of maize should be fed. After that the leaves are also fed. 
  • Leftovers of vegetables can also be fed. 
  • tur dal
  • Depier grass 
  • up to three months of age grow very fast due to the birthThe baby weight of barbari breed grows 80-100 grams per day. Give 50-100 grams of grain to small children.
  • When 3-6 months old baby’s grain starts growing.
  • And increase the grain to 6-9 month old goat and give them 300 grams daily. At this time, their grain is given for their growth.
  • When the goat becomes 10-11 months old and pregnant, then at the advanced pregnancy stage, increase 200 to 250 grams of grain.
  •  When the goat becomes 12 months old, it becomes mature, at that time only maintenance ration is given. 

Rearing of young

goats – Management of young goats is very important. Because the care and cleaning of small children is not done properly and if water is not given on time, then they become weak. So there are different types of diseases in them. Small children also got water and fodder from time to time. The fodder obtained from the tree is of high quality. Therefore, plant different types of trees where there is a goat’s enclosure.

Goat’s Processing 


‘s Cheese, 

Goat’s Milk Benefits

  • drinking goat’s milk digests the milk well.
  • The size of fat in goat’s milk is small.
  • Goat’s milk increases the immunity of the patient to fight the disease.
  • It has a lot of fat particles in it.
  • Increases immunity of the body.


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